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and then there was one...

okay, last night my best friend broke edge. She and I were supposed to be edge together...She dissapointed me because, she was the one who was soooo against other people at our school drinking. And, i THOUGHT we were the ones who had morals, and could stand up to pressure. help me out here guys... how is it supposed to be the same..after my supposedly "straightxedge" friend called me drunk last night? It sucks being the only one left...i need encouragement here. :(

<3 cece
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wow! thanks sooo much! that makes me feel so much better...you made me feel...not so weird for being edge. thanks!

keep it up, you are edge, she is not anymore, you can stand up to your peers, its not to difficult, just stand strong, i have my brother, and my friends lizzy and lauren that are sXe, so i have someone to share it with, but you need to just keep it together, alright?...peace out

my BEST friend tommy drinks, he is against it, and hates doing it, but he does,